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  1. questionHow Do I Place An Embroidery Order's Edit Request?
    "IMPORTANT: To send an edit request, you must have a scan/image of the embroidery, either scan the embroidery sample you have or take a digital photo with a camera." PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE YOU REQUEST AN EDIT!! FREE MINOR EDITS: 1) You have just received your design and you find some minor a ...

  2. questionWhat If I Have Rough Or Blurry Artwork?
    As with every part of the digitizing process, the better the artwork, the better the final product. All we really need is a relatively clear image with the color separations. All details should be well expressed. If you have rough or blurry artwork, you don't need to worry. We have a Qualified t ...

  3. questionHow do I place an order?
    It is very easy to place order with us. You need to register at our website for getting started with us. After successful registration follow below steps: 1. Login to member's area at 2. Click on "Embroidery Designs" > "New Order" to direct submit your order. 3. Fill out ...



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