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I was so pleased with my design. Communication was great turn around time was fabulous. I will be back very good made. very fast service and i will work with you more from nowards. this is the excellent website. good job.. very good I have used several different digitizers and Sunny did an outstanding job on a complicated design. I will not use anyone else now!! Unique Work! This is the third time I have placed order with your company and past two orders were handled by your team with great accuracy and within time frame. I want to congratulate your team that you guys have done a great job and Glider Digitizing has met all my expectations. David has done great digitizing job for me. In the past I have wasted my money and time with other vendors but now I feel that your company is the right place for me to get done my job. Thanks once again!!! Excellent Digitizers I am grateful to Glider Digitizing and your team of digitizers. Actually I have been working with you guys for quite a long time and want to say that your team is really professional in handling each task. The turnaround is very fast without any reminders. The vector arts is become a great success for our company and our customers are highly satisfied with it. Your team has shown great efficiency in handling our last order which was relatively big and there were many specifications and it meets all the specifications. Great Quality and Service! The Cardinal Logo done by you was superb and it sew out neatly and beautifully. And, our customer was so impressed with the outcome that he has placed an additional order, which is being sent to you. Please, I want John again to work on this order for me. I have worked with many services that Digitize logo, but I have never found any company like Glider Digitizing that perform the task to the smallest details and that too in a short notice period. I am thankful to have found your company. Superb works for the logo guys Hi Ankit, we have been worrying a bit whether this is going to work out or not. Probably we should have listened to you and not worry at all. It has been only 18 hours and we have received the vector designs. You promised a fast turnaround but honestly I was not expecting this quick a service. Thanks for all the help. The final Logo creations were extremely good. We love both the logos that you have done. Great Quality and Service! The Cardinal Logo done by you was superb and it sew out neatly and beautifully. And, our customer was so impressed with the outcome that he has placed an additional order, which is being sent to you. Please, I want John again to work on this order for me. I have worked with many services that Digitize logo, but I have never found any company like Glider Digitizing that perform the task to the smallest details and that too in a short notice period. I am thankful to have found your company. Perfect Work! I wanted to let you know that the jacket-back Embroidery Designs I ordered were superb. It ran smoothly and the only time it had to be stopped was to make changes to the bobbin. Both of the files were sewn flawlessly and beautifully. Your work is simply unbelievable. Everything is perfect with your files without any hassles. It is great to work with your team. I always love to work along with John and Rick. Thanks! Great Digitizers I wanted to say thanks to Glider Digitizing and their team of digitizers. I have been working with them for a long time and they have never disappointed me. It is so easy to work with their team and the turnaround is so fast even without asking. The Vector arts are so perfect that customers rarely ask for revisions. The last task was big, with lots of details and colors, still the outcome was flawless. Thanks for being there! Amazing Digitizers! This was the first time I used your digitizing services and I am pleased with it. My customers are really amazed at the design. It stitched out cleanly and so beautifully. The turnaround was amazing. I have worked with so many Professional digitizers but I could never witness such a high level of quality and such a fast turnaround. I will certainly be using your professional services from now on. Thanks a lot! Wonderful Job! The design you digitized was sewn out smoothly and it was so beautiful, I never imagined the outcome could be so vivid. There were no skip stitches, no glitches or any hassles with the needles or jam-ups. All I can say is thank you. I am so happy to look again and again at the Embroidery Designs. Glider Digitizing is now certainly on our list of the best digitizers. How you do it is amazing! Thanks again! Start from here's a Unmatchable Work! I have come to love working with Glider Digitizing. David does a great job every time I want something digitized. I don't know how you do it but I get back the embroidery designs in a very short duration. How you do it is amazing, because no other Embroidery Digitizer could do that for me with so much detailing. Simply amazing! And, Ankur has been always there when I needed help. I make so many revisions, but I have never had any trouble with him. Thanks Glider team! Amazing Digitizers! Please forward my thanks to John. Your service has been of significant importance to my company. The price offered by you is highly reasonable and the turnaround time is amazing. We have been working with you for the past few months, and my team has noted several times the high level of quality and expertise displayed in your work. And, our customers are more than ever pleased with the Logo creations. Thanks very much for the great work. Amazing Digitizers! Just wanted to say thanks for the great service that your company has offered me! Working with you has helped me save enough time to invest in my sales and for my customers. This was never possible earlier. I am impressed from the fact that you offer Cheap embroidery digitizing service with the best quality and the shortest turnaround time. I appreciate your rush turnaround time of 6 hours, where it doesn't matter whether I am getting a logo vectorized or digitized, it is delivered in time, and that too without any compromise on quality and detailing. Thanks a lot! High Professional Company! My customers are pleased with the work that you have done. I cannot remember having worked with any Professional digitizers who had such a committed team. I never thought that the job could be finished in such a short period. You guys are simply great. The quality of the job was superb, and my friends have also appreciated it. You would soon be hearing from them. Thanks again! And, I am going to send my next order today evening. Excellent Designs! We are pleased with the way the designs ran smoothly and cleanly when they were stitched. The embroidery has brought the designs to life. Really appreciate the quality of the work and the promptness. I was really in for a hurry for these designs, and you really amazed me by completing in time and that too with the best quality that I can think of. Thanks for this design as well as all the Digitizing work you have been doing for us. Fantastic Designs! You really did a fantastic job as both the files sewed out elegantly. Every detail is simply perfect in your files. The patching makes complete sense, and there are no pull outs or thread breaks. It is always a great experience when we receive files from you. Now, we cannot think of working with any other Custom Embroidery Digitizing service. My team is amazed how you are able to do it and still meet the deadline. Thanks a lot! Amazing Designs! Thanks for the designs! Both of them look great. They are so easy to sew out on the shirts that our team is amazed. The details and other requirements have been upheld exactly as I wanted. I would like to tell you that I have never before experienced such a good quality from an Embroidery digitizing service. I am sure that my customer would be amazed at the end result. I am wondering why I didn't come across your company earlier. Thanks Again! Unbelievable Work! Extremely thankful for the amazing work you have done on this design. Even though the stitches were required to be enormous, the finish of the Embroidery Designs is perfect. Great job by your digitizer! I am amazed that not a single bit is missing on such a detailed design. Appreciate the skill of your team. Thanks to you we have won the heart of our customer. The next order is soon coming! Thanks Unmatchable Quality and Service We have worked with several Embroidery designing companies that claim a 24-hour or 48-hour service, but all of them have a single problem in common. They cannot come out with a decent final design. Glider Digitizing is the first digitizer that has fulfilled our expectations. The customer service is flawless and they are more pleasing when you want to make any revisions. We have sent a number of designs to Glider in the past few months and they have not ever disappointed us. We recommend them highly to everyone. Thanks Great Design and Customer Service Fantastic work! Great customer service and awesome design! I really liked the work you did on my last order of the logo. The Logo creations look amazing. We have done them on the snow hats and the shirts and the results are sharp and highly professional. I would certainly be doing business with you. I feel good that I have eventually found such a professional digitizer like Glider Digitizing. Thanks again! Superb Work! Hi Rick, I just wanted to thank you for the great work you have done on the Digitizing. Even though this was the first time I worked with your company, the very first work was impressive. Your precision and attention to detailing is amazing. I couldn't think of any digitizing company that worked so efficiently with me. Keep up the good work. You have certainly earned a great reputation in my good books. Thanks Highly Professional Company After working with several Professional digitizers who couldn't meet our requirements, we are thankful to have come across Glider Digitizing. It was from the very first order that we realized that they really cared about the customer requirements and detailing, and they were always aware of what they were doing. We received the high quality and the fast turnaround as an additional bonus. We recommend Glider to any company that is looking for a flawless digitizing work. Thanks Great Company We have been working with Glider Digitizing for years and we are more than pleased with their work. Rarely did we need to edit any file we received from them, but for the needs of the customer. We have gone through a number of Embroidery digitizing service before but we find you to be the best so far we have worked with. We thank you for the peak quality and the fast turnaround that you offer. Thanks Efficient work I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and efficient work done by your team on my Designs for embroidery. I will surely recommend you to all the businesses and friends. I had been talking to one of my customers about you. They were eager to know how I preferred sewing out your logos on the garments. The logo that we ordered for the hats looked great. We certainly look forward to work with you in future as well. Thanks Great Quality and Turnaround Time Just wanted to extend my thanks to David for creating the great Vector arts! My customer particularly loved the bear. I have been recommending your company to all my friends, and I am really impressed with this last order. And, you finished it in such a short notice! I would certainly add you to my list of the vendor for high quality and faster delivery. I would certainly place my orders with you in future. Thanks Amazing job! Just wanted to thank Rick for the good job he did on these Logo creations. All the work done by you has been great so far. But this effort from Rick has really amazed me and my customer. Even though the detailing was complex, the effort and patience displayed by the digitizer is simply expressionless. It is so easy to sew out the design, there is no problem at all. Such a complicated task in such a short time! That's simply awful. Thanks again! Great Designs I have been years into embroidery business but I can say that Glider Digitizing is the best in the business. The Designs for embroidery digitized by you have sewn easily and elegantly. And, there was never any problem when I wanted to edit something. In fact you have made my work more enjoyable and easier. I am thinking of upgrading my VIP membership to Platinum to benefit from the free services. And, it is your efforts and fast turnaround time that has made me the favorite among my customers. Thanks a lot! Great Customer Satisfaction! Your expertise in Embroidery digitizing service has made my business far more interesting than ever before. I don't have words to tell you how thrilled I was to see the first embroidery designs. The time and effort that you dedicated to my project makes me feel that you are more than 100% bent on satisfying the customer. Great! I haven't seen another company like yours. Certainly I would be working with you and none else in future. Thanks a lot! Great Job! Just want to drop a few words of thanks. You have always been doing a great job and my clients have always been satisfied and happy because of you. I am aware that the last order of Embroidery punching was more than enough for driving everyone crazy but by customer is certainly excited, now wants to place more order. You have always been helpful in finishing the work in time. Thanks a lot! Highly Recommended Everyone wanted to know who made Logo creations. We provided them with your website and also let them know how it felt to work with you. We really appreciate your dedication towards completing out orders well within the timeline. And, especially we liked that the alterations were made without any hassles. The prices are great and the customer support is impeccable. Now we cannot think of dealing with anyone else in the future but only you. Highly Professional Company We received the Digitizing embroidery designs this morning. Great job! Simply professional! Each and everyone who has viewed the emblems are impressed. We have decided to contact you for all of our work in future. I would say it is an excellent job on a piece of work that was quite difficult. I would surely recommend you to businesses and people I know in my business. And, thanks for the quick turnaround. Great Work It has been a pleasure to work with you for such a long time. I have never had any issues with you in Vector art conversion. It has always been an accurate and prompt service. And, I really like the attention that you give to the minutest detail. It is not clear to me how you do it, but I always get exactly what I wanted. This is not what my experience with others was. Thanks to you my screen printing goes great! Great Work Ethic Our relationship with Glider Digitizing has been flawless for a long time. A highly professional and dedicated company, it has a great work ethic, cheapest digitizing prices and an unmatched staff. Since they pay close attention to all the aspects of my order, it helps me to depend upon predictable outcome. Working with David and Robert is especially a great experience. Thanks Glider team for the support and dedication that helps us satisfy our customers! An Awful Digitizer Just wanted to let you know how much our team appreciated the quick turnaround did by you for the 200 embroidered shirts. As it happens most often, the customers wait for the last moment but you did a miracle for us. Really appreciate your help. In my business I always come to hear if something doesn't go well, but I thought if each one of my vendors displayed the attitude shown by you, things would have been lot easier for us. We have never seen an Embroidery Digitizer like Glider! Great Designs I would like to thank you again for the great work done. I stitched the Designs for embroidery and they are great. I am sure that it looks even better than the original. I am waiting for the amazement that my customer is going to show. He had said that he had originally got it done in Vancouver, but it wasn't working for him well. Thanks for doing everything to bring my customers back. Logo creations The Logo creations you did were great and they sewed out easily, and the looks are great. The customer loves the design and is eager to know when it can be had on a shirt and hat. They are also anxious to find the rest of the creations. I am really impressed by your work and would certainly recommend you to all my friends who are in the business. Great work! More than Satisfactory I wanted to let you know that the Chivalry logo designed by you looks amazing. There was no editing required, just that I had to take the bleu strip from the red border. Even though the design was too small, my customers who have viewed it were delighted. I have never seen any digitizer offer such a good quality at Cheap digitizing prices. Good thing that I was recommended to try your services by one of my friends. Greatly Recommended I have been working with Glider Digitizing as a VIP member for several months now and Rick is great to work along with. Now I know that I can count on this team, but because I am a little bit choosy I prefer my Logo creations are done by Rick. The thing is that his work has brought satisfaction to my clients. And, it is his work that has made my embroidery designs turn into a success with my clients. And, being a Bronze member I have lots of benefits coming my way , especially the flat rates. Means lots of savings for me! Thanks for this great work. Great Work Just finished a unique stitch out that looks great. Your team did a good job with the Digitizing task. There never seemed to be any trouble, as was the case with my old digitizers. Especially the small letters were stitched properly. I will be in constant touch with you as I need more work done. If Sunny and David can read this thanks to them and I appreciate their work. Lucky I came across Glider Digitizing. An Honest and Hardworking Company I must tell you that it is the positive attitude and environment in your staff that has endeared me to work with your company. And, I really feel that I have found an honest and fair digitizing company to work with. That our orders are turning out in time and that our customers are more satisfied than ever before, we find ourselves on the right track. Thanks for your quality Digitizing embroidery designs and the amazing rush turnaround time of 6 hours and 14 hours that helps us keep delivering fast. Great Job I wanted to tell you that you did a great job on the design I sent you last week. I really appreciate the hard work done by Robert and the fast turnaround time was amazing. I have decided to keep Glider Digitizing at the top the list for my Embroidery designing work. The stitching did very well and my customers are also pleased. Thanks for the wonderful job done by you. Great Logo Designs Thanks for the great work done by you. Really appreciate the support and patience displayed by Ankur who took my each and every detailing seriously to the smallest part. The logos designed look simply awesome and there is an air of high quality that cannot be ignored. No one has worked so well for me to Digitize logo. I think have found one of the best digitizers in Glider Digitizing, and I would also be referring you to my acquaintances. Great Work Thanks for the free digitizing. It came out quite well and out customer approved the sample. You have done a great work, and we are really impressed with your work. We are looking forward to a huge order, thanks to the special efforts made by Paul. I have added you to the list of the vendors who can give me best quality in the shortest possible time. I and my team feel that we have found the right digitizer in Glider. Thanks for the help. Awful Designs I wanted to stick out a few samples for my customers. After working with Glider Digitizing I realized that I couldn't have found a better design. The designs were awfully digitized, and I have bookmarked your website to use your services for my future designs. Appreciate the support and dedication displayed by Ankit. I have not witnessed such a customer support for a long time. I feel lucky to have found a quality and Fast Embroidery Digitizer like you. Superb Custom Digitizing I found this site to be offering great Custom Digitizing services coupled with quick turnaround and great pricing. It is quite easy to get the digitizing done on the website. I think Glider Digitizing is the best among all the digitizers I have yet come across. I appreciate that you completed my order in a timely fashion and that too with the best quality. And, the revisions were made without asking any questions. Fast and Helpful Glider Digitizing offered me superb service. I had a very complex design, but Glider proved to be the best digitizing company for my job. My file was prepared instantly and when I wanted some changes, they did it without charging anything extra. They went a step ahead and found me a great embroider. I simply came to love the online order system offered by this company. For any future digitizing work, I would certainly use their services. Impressed I got many designs digitized in the last month, and no one can be happier than me with the results. I am simply pleased by the Quality digitizing of the designs, the attentiveness of the staff and the quick turnaround. Whenever I faced any problems the staff was always there to sort out the issues. It seemed they were as concerned about my work as myself. Appreciate the skills and talents of the team. Great Service Working with Glider Digitizing is simply brilliant. I and my team were highly impressed by the Digitizing. The experience was stunning. From the moment of uploading, the design got digitized, edited and completed in not more than 16 hours. The customer service is simply unmatchable. I have not seen so much customer friendly and responsible staff ever before. And, the prices are simply reasonable. Thanks to the entire Glider team. Highly Recommended When I wanted to get Designs for embroidery, I thought of doing some research around. And, I am glad to have found Glider Digitizing. They provided excellent quality and I was amazed by the amount of time and dedication they gave in to help me just when I was having trouble with the embroidery. I recommend them highly to everyone because I benefited a lot from them. Thanks for the great work David! A Great Digitizer Everything that was promised by Glider Digitizing was done and it was especially done very well. Not something that I have experienced earlier with others. There were no hassles, and they did everything to explain and answer my questions. Ankur was fast and did everything right. The first order is already getting sewn smoothly and I am planning to make a second order. I thank my friend who suggested me to check with this digitizer for Free Embroidery Designs. Great Work at Reasonable Prices I just wanted to say a quick thanks to you for the Embroidery Digitizer work you did for me. Many of my friends recommended me to Glider Digitizing and it is only after working with you that I have realized why you are so popular. Despite your name and good work, I appreciate the reasonable price and the fast turnaround that you offer. Especially, your rush turnaround of 14 hours is amazing. It helps us keep our own promise of fast turnaround time to our customers. I am considering taking up the Platinum VIP membership. You offer lots of free services there? Would always be looking forward to remain in business with you! Great Work The Digitizing Embroidery looks great, and I think you are the best among all the ones I worked with. I am extremely thankful to you for working so fast and even so late with me into the night. The result was totally perfect and I greatly appreciate your hard work. Working with David and Sunny was a great experience and I would certainly look forward to take your help in the future as well. Unmatchable Digitizer The digitizer of these Embroidery Designs did a great job. There was no problem in the sewing and my customer has come to love it, and keeps asking for additional items along with it. A great job done in a very good way! Cannot remember the last time someone helped me create such good designs without any issues. I am thankful that I came across Glider Digitizing and I would be keeping them at the top of my list for the best vendors. Simply Superb I was looking for a good and reliable designing firm for my Machine Embroidery Designs. Somehow I came across Glider Digitizing and thought of giving it a try. I am amazed by the quality of the designs, and the service is so user-friendly and attentive, I will add them to my list of best vendors. Certainly, I will be sticking with them for a long time. They are simply superb in their work. Wonderful work guys One of the best solutions that we have gone in the last few months is the Embroidery digitizing services from Glider Digitizing. We have been working with them for only one month but we have been happy with the service so far. They have an extremely quick turnaround and they have a great customer support team that is there for you always. Thanks guys Hi Ankit, your recommendations for the final prototype got selected! I can't believe that this is my first major order within 3 months of starting solo. Ankit you are a life saver and trust me you will have more recommendation than you can handle. Just kidding. Thanks guys. You have helped me get started. I am sure I am going to come back to you. Thanks once again for the Vector arts. Excellent support and excellent work One of our best suppliers ever for all our digitizing works, Glider Digitizing has been providing us with Quality digitizing service for a while now. They have now provided us four great designs and all have been instant hits with our customers and we are sure to come back to them when we need our next design. Thanks guys you are the best! Special thanks to Ankit. We have got a great supplier for our works Sometimes we wish that we have been working with you guys earlier than we have. This would certainly have helped us to score lot more points with our customers. In fact some of our customers have reported that all of a sudden our designs have a great depth and also the collection has improved. Guys this is every bit your work as is ours. So thank you for being for us and for the great Vector arts. Always with us When you want Digitizing for embroidery don't go far than Glider Digitizing. They are by far the best company that we have worked and have absolutely no qualms recommending to others. Our first choice supplier for all Cheap embroidery digitizing is Glider Digitizing and we are very happy with the work that they have been doing for us. Ankit's team is excellent and they have stood by us whenever we needed them with a great turnaround. Wish you all the best for your future works Some of the final designs of Vector arts that your guys did were excellent and we have already started getting feedbacks from our customers that this fall season collection has been our best ever! Guys you have excelled yourself this time. We are happy to be working with you and are extremely pleased with the final designs. Thanks gain for the wonderful work. A+++ rated! We had given a logo designing to Glider Digitizing. Ankit's team of designers created a great set of Vector arts which not only captured the essence of our business but also gave the rudimentary designs that we had provided into a great looking final form. We loved what they did to the logo and settled for the one that was their original design. Thanks guys for the wonderful professional work! Stupendous work guys Thanks Glider Digitizing for the great work. We received the Vector arts in the morning as promised by Ankur and as expected it was great. I believe that every bit of appreciation that you guys have received is true and you guys are wonderful in what you do. Rest assured that I am coming back with additional work and hoping to carry on this relationship. Thanks again for the great work. Really great work Hi guys just like to mention that you guys did a fantastic job with the Digitizing work at a fast turnaround time too. I have to admit that your designs are highly appreciated over here. I am picking yup the appreciations for what you did. I thought this is not fair so just making it up to you. Best of luck guys and thanks once again for a great work for my logo designing. One of our best suppliers Hi guys, this is James Anderson from Massachusetts. Would like to thank you for your great work on the Designs for embroidery that I had ordered. I would like to mention you guys that I was a bit skeptical when I ordered this as you guys have less experience than my regular supplier. However post this work I have no other option but to forward all my work to you guys. Great work Quality digitizing and a great service is what Glider Digitizing stands for and I am happy to have chosen you guys as my partner for the new designs for our fall creation. We have spent several years working in the embroidered hand bags industry and have worked with great design companies but none like Glider Digitizing. They created some great designs for our Elite embroidered bag range which were well received by our customers. Thanks guys Several of our customers were looking for some great Machine Embroidery Designs for their new product line such as jeans, scarves and stoles. We usually keep fabric printed items so decided to outsource the whole items if we could find a good supplier. Glider Digitizing was settled as the supplier and they did an extremely great work with the Vector arts. Our new designs were an instant hit for the season. We in fact had to send out an additional order for the season to satisfy additional requirements. Wonderful work We were looking for Designs for embroidery. Our custom scarves and stoles designing company had earlier worked with Glider Digitizing earlier and they created some great results for the work given. We decided to give them another assignment for our upcoming 4th of July sales. We wanted something that would go with the theme and would create a wonderful addition to our existing collection. The results were excellent. We sold out our entire lot within 7 days of putting up. Many thanks to John and once again guys you are simply the best. Please let me know more about the Platinum VIP membership. They did a great job with my customized work We wanted to give our son a surprise for his 25th birthday by patching up his favorite words life is a journey on a baseball cap. He has always been a great source of inspiration for his team and we loved him for what he has accomplished as a professional baseball player. Your Embroidery designing team created an excellent design for the words. Thanks for the great work guys. Great work and really happy As silly as it may seem now, we decided not to go with your company when we were finalizing because the other company had more experience. I have no qualms now to accept the fact that in the hindsight that the other company could not accept the work was actually a great thing for us. We got the best possible Embroidery Designs that we could have got. Did I miss saying that that your turnaround time was absolutely great? Professional designers for professional work Hello. Your Professional digitizers did a great job for our logo design and we wanted to tell you that the Vector arts that you created is one of the best designs in logo that we have received for our company's new brand. It is both simple and easy on the eye and the sample sew that you have sent looks great as well. I would like to thank the entire team for your great work and patient service. Best job so far Glider Digitizing does provide an extremely fast Embroidery designing work. Although we did not specify that we needed it quickly, they turned around the work in less than 12 hours. I am used to bad service and when I do receive a good service really I don't know what to say. I just wanted to tell that you guys are doing a great job. Keep it up. Thanks once again. Excellent work About the same time last April we had given some Embroidery designing works to Glider Digitizing. They cam highly recommended and we wanted to test out before we send them some serious volume work. We have an embroidery company and we make custom designed scarf's and stoles. We asked Ankit if they can handle some Embroidery designing works and he said yes. What we received in 24 hours time was mind blowing. We have now opened a whole section of scarves that are designed from Glider Digitizing. Excellent work About the same time last April we had given some Embroidery designing works to Glider Digitizing. They cam highly recommended and we wanted to test out before we send them some serious volume work. We have an embroidery company and we make custom designed scarf's and stoles. We asked Ankit if they can handle some Embroidery designing works and he said yes. What we received in 24 hours time was mind blowing. We have now opened a whole section of scarves that are designed from Glider Digitizing. Kudos to your team Hi Ankit, somebody referred Glider Digitizing as a Cheap embroidery digitizing. I would like to let you know that your team has done an excellent job with my bunny logo. Our preparatory school never had such fund since we initially told them that the concept would be transformed into an actual logo and would be used as the school mascot. We are having a lot of fun here. Thanks for all your help and god bless! Our best designers yet The initial logo layout was not that good and we had asked them to correct a few things. Ankit's team sent us additional Designs for embroidery. This time there were several that we liked, so we picked one from them and asked them to digitize the same for our work. The turnaround was something that was superb. We ordered the product on Monday at about 4 in the afternoon and received it back the next day morning. Great work, highly recommended They are surely a very Fast Embroidery Digitizer company. We had contacted Glider Digitizing for Custom Digitizing work for our company logo. We needed them for the purpose of making caps and t-shirts for our annual sporting even in our company. We needed them fast as the turnaround time for the entire thing was only two weeks. Glider Digitizing got back to us in 12 hours flat. Now that's service! Great work, highly recommended They are surely a very Fast Embroidery Digitizer company. We had contacted Glider Digitizing for Custom Digitizing work for our company logo. We needed them for the purpose of making caps and t-shirts for our annual sporting even in our company. We needed them fast as the turnaround time for the entire thing was only two weeks. Glider Digitizing got back to us in 12 hours flat. Now that's service! Well done guys We needed a Custom Digitizing of our nature lovers camp logo. We are small camp in Alaska which offers a great view of Mount McKinley and the surrounding Denali national park. Our logo is a complicated one and we did not expect such as a great job at digitizing our logo. The final vector files were great and it allowed us to use it on our camp caps and t-shits. A great partner to have Hi Glider Digitizing, just wanted to let you know that your Custom Digitizing work was absolutely fantastic. We had plenty of good reviews that we have received for our logo and we wanted to let you know that we consider you as a trusted partner for our works. We are sure to send you additional work as and when we have t and have already recommended you to a few others in the industry. Wonderful work for us Glider Digitizing has a great free Embroidery Digitizing service that is simply great. Their online library is also well stocked and one can easily choose the design that one needs. Just as we did for our children's clothing and gifts accessories. They are happy to customize it and then with their Professional digitizers have digitized the work in no time. We have received the final vector graphics within 18 hours as promised. Great art work With our recent experience having worked with Glider Digitizing, I must say that they are the Best digitizing company that we have come across. They have a great Embroidery designing team and a customer support team that is always there to help one out no matter what. Being a company that puts emphasis on turn around time and efficiency of work done, they have given me a great product at the shortest possible time. Experience pays Probably this is what experience brings to the table. Superior quality of the work. We had forwarded some Vector arts to Glider Digitizing to be converted into Digitizing for embroidery. We had also forwarded these designs to another company and they did very bad job of the same. Glider Digitizing not only did a good job but their design was also the easiest to se and easy to be handled by our machines. Well done We were looking for Digitizing embroidery designs. Our company manufactures custom made clothing for companies and other sports teams and we regularly design and develop logos and custom made designs for them. What we did not have was a way to Digitizing embroidery designs. This is where Glider Digitizing came into the picture and they did a great job for the work. Even their turn around time was super quick. Superb work for the vector designs We were looking for our logo for our baby clothing line to be developed. We cam across Glider Digitizing on the interne and decided to give them a try. I think we have to admit this is a classic case of third time lucky as we had tried to find out solutions for Vector art conversion of our logo and the experience was not very good. When we received the Vector arts we were stunned at the perfect shape and final outcome. I must say these guys know what they are doing. Superb work for the vector designs We were looking for our logo for our baby clothing line to be developed. We cam across Glider Digitizing on the internet and decided to give them a try. I think we have to admit this is a classic case of third time lucky as we had tried to find out solutions for Vector art conversion of our logo and the experience was not very good. When we received the Vector arts we were stunned at the perfect shape and final outcome. I must say these guys know what they are doing. Fast work and great support For a Cheap digitizing solution don't look beyond Glider Digitizing. They are not only great with what they, but they also are great with the turn around that they promised. We needed our logo to be vectorized and we needed a fast turnaround so that we can send it out for final embroidery. We had given Glider Digitizing a very tight, time frame which they had kept and still managed to amaze us your rush turnaround of 6 hours and 14 hours is really helped us lot to give fast turnaround time to our customers. I am applying for the Platinum VIP membership. Let me know more details about it. Well done The Professionals at Glider Digitizing did a great job working on our Vector art conversion. We had a small logo that needed to be retouched and converted into vector format. Ankit promised a 16 hours turnaround for the work. However I being the skeptical type wasn't anything till 48. It turned out that they had sent me the final files within 14 hours. In fact so sure I was that I did not even check my mails on Monday morning. Ankit thanks again for the turnaround and I am a believer now. Lovely looking logo Hi Ankit and Ankur, our small community and pet service want to thank you for your help and patience while working on the logo. We understand that the order was demanding and the work needed to be checked using sample stew, but I appreciate all the help that you have give us. We are sure to come back to Glider Digitizing the next time we have another such requirement. Thanks once again guys. Great work for my logo Hi guys. We just wanted to tell you that you guys rock. Our college project was always going to be a balance between ideas and money and you guys fit the bill perfectly. You guys are what made this whole thing possible with the cool Designs for embroidery and the final Logo creations. We have received the vector file today and that is going to help us modify if required, but over all this was a great work. Thanks. Best work that I have ever received Great work guys, we have just received the final word from our management and they too liked the Embroidery Designs that we ha procured from you. Now I am hoping that our clients like what we have made after so much hard work and collaboration. I must say that I have been working in this trade for nearly two decades now and this is the first time that we have had the pleasure of working with an out of office team which never made us feel that we are always catching up. One of the best I feel you guys are the best solution for Quality digitizing works. I must admit that I should have decided in favor of you and that would not have made us lose some of our good clients during last Christmas sale. We are happy now and I hope the samples that we made together are going to get our old clients back. Here's to our success. Cheers guys and thanks a lot. Thanks guys! Hi Ankur, as you had committed the work has been received today. Sorry for writing the follow up mail that I did, as you can understand that we were in a tight schedule and we wanted the final Vector arts to arrive quickly. Now that it has arrived and it is of excellent quality, we are happy to shift our next order to you guys. Thanks for your support and being patient with a difficult customer a me. One of the best customer support ever Glider Digitizing has been our first choice for all Custom Digitizing works and although we have been doing our actual embroidery works locally they have been or primary supplier for all Digitizing works. We have had a great relationship since last fall and we are happy that we had selected them as our partner. Thank you Glider Digitizing for all your help and the patient people who are behind the scenes. You are a life saver I am pleased to inform you that we have received the order today. Your work has been exemplary and we are very happy with the products. Some of the designs that we had given and improved by you using your Embroidery designer have come off better than we ha expected. I am sure you know your work well. Thank you for your support and as expected the work has arrived much before Halloween for our sales to start. Thanks one again. All my business are with them Hi Glider Digitizing. Thanks for being patient and taking our order and completing it in such good time. I wanted you guys to know that the guys at boot camp are overjoyed to see their logo on their caps. So much so that our program director has asked me to find out what a pair of jeans and t-shirt would cost with the logo. You guys will get a separate mail from me on this. Thanks guys. You are sure a life saved. Great work guys! Way to go Glider Digitizing! Who said Cheap digitizing means cheap products? I think you guys are simply the best that I have ever come across. You are certainly going to hear from me in the future and I am just waiting for my current stocks to exhaust so that I can place my next order. Oh and special thanks to Ankit! Man you are one hell of a supportive salesman that I have ever seen! Great work guys! Thanks! Some of the businesses that we had contacted for the purposes of Vector art conversion were not very supportive in their manner of handling our inquiry. Our requirement was a bit complicated, may be that was what turned them off. But Glider Digitizing not only took the work like professionals but they took the original design idea and gave it a much better final look. The final product which came to our hand was better than the design tat we saw on the computer screens. I think you guys rock! We are happy at your work! Of all the Fast Embroidery Digitizer companies that we have used off late we have had none as energetic and helpful as Glider Digitizing. They were from the onset extremely excited with the whole concept. We needed Embroidery designing and punching for charity. We were to distribute caps and t-shirts to our sponsors and participants and all the children that we supported for cancer. We were overjoyed when the final products cam into our hand. One important thing, your rush turnaround of 14 hours is simply unbelievable and we are able to provide fast turnaround time to our clients. hanks guys. Fast work and great work It's been great association with Glider Digitizing and the folks up there. They are always available when you need them to answer questions and they are also great in helping us out if we have any issues. This was our first deal with them and we are extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks to the whole team up there with special thanks to Kanica. She had been very patient throughout. Good work! Sometimes when you are looking for the best work quality you will have to go the extra mile to find the best craftsmen and that's what we did when we decided on outsourcing our Digitizing works. Our custom t-shirts business needs frequent Digitizing works and we wanted to outsource the patterns as our own infrastructure was not enough to meet the additional demand. One can only speculate when handing over the goodwill of the company to a third party. However in our case we are glad that we did. Thank you guys. Our preferred partner Glider Digitizing has been our preferred source for Quality digitizing works. We have been ordering from them for about one month now and have done few trades, but they have amazed us on both the occasions. I was instrumental in deciding on them as I had received their reference from a source and am extremely happy that I decided on them rather than any other Professional digitizers for our work. Amazing customer support There have been many trials and testing for a reliable supplier of Cheap embroidery digitizing works in our own city. However we have been unlucky or rather lucky as I should say not to have found any. I think in the hindsight we have done the right thing by selecting you as our customers have never complained for any of your work. Well done guys, I wish you al the very best for future. Stupendous work! We understand that every time we send you work we are always tight on our time line. We also understand that the expected quality of the work is always of the highest order. However we are happy to say that you have surpassed our expectations each and every time that we have sent an order at your direction. Particularly, your rush turnaround of 14 hours is really great, and we get flexibility to offer fast turnaround time to our customers, you will see me in your Platinum VIP membership scheme shortly. So much so that you are our number one provider of Designs for embroidery. How my skepticism turned into satisfaction I was a bit skeptical when I decided to place my Digitizing work with you. The order was small but the turn around time was very short. It has been two months since we had received the finished work and believe you me the response from our customers have been nothing short of phenomenal. In fact we have had great number of enquiries from the samples which means I would be getting back with you for more orders. Great dependable team Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the finished product. I had ordered for an Embroidery Digitizing work for our conference badge and have received the package today. We have had plenty of good things said about the innovative conference badge design and have received accolades for the Embroidery Designs. Over all we are very happy with the Digitizing embroidery designs and we would like to tell you that you guys are wonderful. A great team for all seasons Hi there team. Just got my Embroidery Designs in hand and honestly guys you have excelled yourself. Me and my partners are very happy that we had decided to place the fist order with you and the relationship has been great since then. Was happy the last time I had ordered from you guys but this time I am more than happy. I wish you all the best for the great works that you are doing and hope that our paths cross again soon. Thanks again. thank you thank you Ankit, Just wanted to thank you for the great work that you do. We are very pleased with our last set of designs. You and your team are very talented. Thanks again. Glider Digitizing is a fabulous company to work with. The turn around time is excellent. The staff is very friendly and prompt if you have questions. The digitized designs stitch perfect with no thread breaks and the designs are exactly like the designs submitted. I am a very happy customer and I get much praise for my beautiful embroidery that comes from Glider! Kaye Thanks to you guys, i read you guys testimonials and tried this company and I would like to thanks because after using their services my turnaround of embroidery becomes double as I got perfect quality with very fast turnaround time. thanks very much to Glider Digitizing Its been over 3 years while working with you now and I am fully satisfied with your great quality, customer support and turnaround time. I really recommend your services to all as you guys are embroidery professionals and your Digitizers are well know with embroidery process and helps me every time I need. I will continue to work with you forever.Thanks I would just like to let you and your people know that the quality of your work is outstanding and we are very happy with your service keep it up. Thank you for all of your great work. Hello friend. Wanted to make a comment on your work. The image I sent was done by 3 others. The results were extremely similar. But your image sewed out the easiest and was the easiest on the machine. I will be happy to send more work your way. yes Hat Off to Glider Digitizing,this company digitize according to customer requirements, I love their very fast turnaround with Top High quality.......So I just recommend to everybody to try their services and I am sure you will never get dissapointed. Great work! Maybe a little too much underlay but all in all the work is great. The quality much outweighs the price. Thanks  


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